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Dr Dapeng Wang

Senior Bioinformatician in Integrative Analysis


I am working as a Senior Bioinformatician in Integrative Analysis at the COVID-19 Multi-omics Blood ATlas (COMBAT) consortium at the University of Oxford using multi-omics techniques in combination with the cutting-edge bioinformatic approaches and statistical methods to explore the pathogenesis of COVID-19 and stratification of patients as well as inform the treatment strategy based on genomics information. In particular, I manage the data warehousing, develop and maintain the COMBATdb and the COMBAT consortium website and support the data integration work on multiple modalities.

I received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the Shandong University in 2006 and obtained a PhD degree in bioinformatics from the Beijing Institute of Genomics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011. After my graduation, I continued to conduct research at the same institute from 2011 to 2014 and afterwards moved to the UK to work at the Cancer Institute at the University College London (2014-2016), the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford (2016-2018) and the LeedsOmics at the University of Leeds (2018-2020).

I am a trained and experienced Bioinformatician and have spent over 10 years in the research projects of genomics and bioinformatics in the UK and China, possessing profound knowledge of genome biology and masters a rich set of bioinformatics skills in the processing of large-scale biological data. I am very familiar with the popular molecular quantification technologies including array and sequencing as well as the state-of-the-art toolkits where I have been developing a number of high-standard and advanced Next-Generation-Sequencing pipelines or workflows for exome-Seq, RNA-Seq, RAD-Seq, ChIP-Seq, single cell analysis, BS-Seq and Ribo-Seq. In addition, I have established a bunch of useful LAMP databases and webservers as a series of successful applications of computer techniques in contemporary computational biology studies, which integrate a huge number of genomes covering all major life forms in our planet and classified them in a well-characterized taxonomical system, leading to some of the solid foundations and innovative hypotheses for exploring genome architecture evolution from both two dimensional and three dimensional points of view.


I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a certified Carpentries Instructor.

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