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David A. Smith

Postdoctoral Bioinformatician

I am working as a post-doctoral bioinformatician focusing on host-pathogen genomics. My current work focuses on how -omic variation in host and pathogen modulate the response to infection in the context of sepsis and COVID-19. I also have an interest in the linkage and integration of routinely collected hospital data and -omic data, with the goal of identifying associations between biomarkers and -omic signatures of the dysregulated response to infection.

I received my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Portsmouth in 2011. After a year running a bar and windsurfing in Egypt, I worked for the NHS working in Clinical Research Governance. In 2014 I started began working on the NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative in Oxford which is a multi centre project with the aim of integrating clinical data from electronic patient records and using this for clinical research into viral hepatitis. Whilst working for the NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative I completed my DPhil in Professor Ellie Barnes’s group at the University of Oxford finishing in 2020. My DPhil work was focused on the characterisation of Hepatitis C Virus anti-viral resistance.

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