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Ester Gil Vazquez

DPhil student

The vill-GREM1 mouse is a model for the human Hereditary Mixed Polyposis Syndrome. In this model, epithelial expression of Grem1 results in generation of ectopic crypts (EC), proliferation and accumulation of somatic mutations, which eventually leads to tumorigenesis. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying GREM1-driven transformation remain to be elucidated. The aim of my research is to explore the mechanisms orchestrating Wnt tone and stromal remodelling in Vill-GREM1 mice.

The Vill-GREM1 has been shown to share pathological traits with human malignancies of serrated origin. Consequently, findings in this model could potentially be translated to human pathology. This would results in better understanding of less common forms of colorectal cancer and could lead to the discovery of new drug targets and biomarkers