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Jenny Censin


DPhil Student

I started my DPhil in Clinical Medicine in 2017 as an NDM Prize Studentship candidate. My work involves investigating the role of obesity and sex hormones in cardiometabolic diseases using a range of approaches, including Mendelian randomization and bioinformatic tools. In particular, I have a strong interest in sex-specific differences in obesity-related traits.

Select Publications

Jenny C Censin, Jonas Bovijn, Teresa Ferreiraet al. Causal relevance of obesity on the leading causes of death in women and men: A Mendelian randomization study. PLoS Genetics. October 24, 2019.

, Leigh Jackson*, Jenny Censin*, Chia-Yen Chen*, Triin Laisk*, Samantha Laber*, et al. GWAS identifies novel risk locus for erectile dysfunction and implicates hypothalamic neurobiology and diabetes in etiology. AJHG. January 3, 2019.
*These authors contributed equally.

Thomsen, Soren K., Anne Raimondo, Benoit Hastoy, Shahana Sengupta, Xiao-Qing Dai, Austin Bautista, Jenny Censin et al. Type 2 Diabetes Risk Alleles in PAM Impact Insulin Release from Human Pancreatic β-Cells. Nature Genetics. July 27, 2018, 1.

Censin JC et al. Childhood adiposity and risk of type 1 diabetes: A Mendelian randomization study. PLOS Medicine. August 1, 2017.