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Mercede Lee

Flow Cytometry Facility Manager and Research Scientist

In the DIL group, I ensure the smooth operation of our flow cytometers. With the support of Leila Godfrey, we provide technical assistance by maintaining, calibrating and troubleshooting issues with our instruments. I work closely with DIL researchers and support them with flow cytometry related aspects of their project(s). In addition, I provide a comprehensive cell sorting service for DIL researchers using the BDFACS Aria Fusion.

A second aspect of my role is to provide research assistance supporting Marcin Pekalski who is studying the development of the immune system during first years of human life and is leading the research of the synbiotic and oral insulin trial. My research work has two aspects: (i) basic research, studying specific T cell responses and the role that microbes play in shaping the peripheral immune tolerance. (ii) clinical research, required for the synbiotic and oral insulin trial designed as T1D-prevention strategy when infants genetically at-risk for type 1 diabetes will receive treatment with oral insulin and pre- and pro-biotics.

Before joining the DIL group, I worked at the University of Dundee as a technician in the flow cytometry facility. In this role, I gained experience working with a number of BD analysers, the BD Influx cell sorter and the Sony SH800 cell sorter. Wishing to develop my knowledge and skills, I decided to move to Oxford to join the DIL in 2017.