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Dr Sophie Binks

Clinical Lecturer

Honorary Neurology SpR

Brief biography

I am a clinical lecturer and honorary neurology registrar in Oxford recently awarded a DPhil in autoimmune neurology, and now establishing myself as a clinician-scientist. My DPhil supervisors and current collaborators are Prof Sarosh Irani, as well as Prof Julian Knight and Dr Kate Elliott from the Knight Group, Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford. I am a member of the scientific panel of Encephalitis International, a charity providing resources and practical support to people affected by all forms of encephalitis (web link below).

My research focuses on clinical and genetic aspects of autoimmune encephalitides (AE). I also research a form of spontaneously-occurring AE in cats, with the aim of improving outcomes in both species and fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations (web link below). Previously I was an Academic Clinical Fellow in Neurology in Oxford investigating clinical and HLA associations of LGI1- and CASPR2-antibody encephalitis, and prior to that I completed an Academic Foundation Programme in Neurology in Brighton.

Key publications

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