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ObjectiveTo evaluate the dental status of 88 cancer patients before chemotherapy.Material and methodsEighty-eight patients with cancer in different body locations were studied and compared with a control group. Dental plaque was assessed by means of the Silness and Löe index, dental status with the DMFT index, and periodontal status with the modified CPI index.ResultsIn the oncological patients the mean Silness and Löe index was 1.28-/+0.11. Patients showed multiple missing teeth (mean number 7.55-/+0.80); the mean number of decayed teeth was 2.10-/+0.36; and the mean number of filled teeth was 2.27-/+0.37. As to periodontal status, the mean modified CPI index was 1.45-/+0.11. In the control group, the mean Silness and Löe index was 0.94-/+0.00. The mean number of decayed teeth was 1.21-/+0.25; the mean number of missing teeth was 4.97-/+0.67; and the mean number of filled teeth was 4.82-/+0.44. The mean modified CPI index was 1.29-/+0.10.ConclusionsOncological patients in our study showed more dental plaque versus healthy patients and more decayed and missing teeth. However, patients in the control group showed more filled teeth than cancer patients. Periodontal status as determined by the modified CPI index was similar in both patient groups.


Journal article


Medicina oral, patologia oral y cirugia bucal

Publication Date





E17 - E21


University of Valencia, Spain.


Dental Plaque, Humans, Neoplasms, Periodontal Diseases, Tooth Loss, Dental Caries, Oral Hygiene, Dental Plaque Index, DMF Index, Periodontal Index, Case-Control Studies, Dental Care for Chronically Ill, Middle Aged, Patient Care Planning, Female, Male