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Complex Traits, Genetics, Fine-mapping, Machine Learning, GWAS, Drug targets, Biological validation, Regulatory genomics.

Previous Group Members 

Alexander Drong (2013-2016) University of Oxford. Current position: MRC Training Fellow (fellowship sponsor, and works within my group independently)

Taru Tukiainen (2013-2015) ATGU/MGH (co-supervised with Prof. D. McArthur). Current position: postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Riippati, FiMM, Helsinki

Asa Hedman University of Oxford (co-supervision with Prof.M. McCarthy) Current position: postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Eriksson, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Blanca M Herrera University of Oxford Current position: senior staff scientist at Invitae, San Fransico, USA
Sarah Perry (nee Kieldson)  Associate Editor, Nature Publishing Group
Iain Mathiesen  Group leader, University of Pennsylvania
Joshua C Randall Postdoc/Lead Scientist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Mattias Rantalainen  University of Oxford Current position: Assistant Professor/Lecturer at Karolinska Instiute, Sweden

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