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We aim to identify new disease mechanisms that could form the basis for new treatments. We are particularly interested in understanding how the immune system and inflammation are involved in the development of atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus. These diseases are common and important and atherosclerosis is the major cause of death globally and an increasing problem even in poorer countries.


We seek to identify new mechanisms of disease that will lead to the identification of new potential therapeutic targets and strategies to improve health.

A key focus of our work is on understanding how genetic risk factors for atherosclerotic vascular disease operate. Although multiple genetic loci have been implicated in atherosclerotic disease by genome wide association studies (GWAS), the mechanisms whereby these genetic loci influence disease are largely unknown. Most of these genetic variants are in non-coding regions of the genome and may influence gene regulation and local chromatin structure. Our work seeks to identify, at a molecular level, how these genetic variants influence the development of atherosclerosis. To do this, we employ a range of approaches, including cellular and molecular biology as well as high throughput sequencing down to the single cell level and computational biology. We also study clinical samples and clinical data. 

Using these combined approaches, we are identifying new pathways that contribute to the disease process and so new potential targets for therapeutic intervention. 

How to find us

Professor Chris O'Callaghan
Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine,
Henry Wellcome Building,
University of Oxford,
Roosevelt Drive

How to find the campus, street map and campus map (building 8).

Our team