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Helen Lockstone, MSc

Head of Bioinformatics and Training

I joined the Bioinformatics Core group as a data analyst back in 2007 and have a background in gene expression data analysis and functional genomics.

I currently manage the Bioinformatics Core and am Teaching co-lead on the DPhil programme in Genomic Medicine and Statistics, as well as a co-director on the new MSc in Genomic Medicine.

Gavin Band


Head of Statistical Genomics



PhD Matthieu Miossec - Head of Computational Genomics Group

Matthieu Miossec, PhD

Senior Bioinformatician

Member of the Bioinformatics Core since September 2020 with a full decade of bioinformatics and programming experience which encompasses whole-exome sequencing (particularly in relation to congenital heart disease), metagenomics and a recent growing amount of RNA sequencing. Happy to help with all your bioinformatics and Python-related queries in your language of choice: English, French or Spanish. I also provide teaching and training in whole exome/genome sequencing topics, Python and WDL, with plans to expand into machine learning.





Research associate

After initial study in Bayesian time series, I moved into the field of genome-wide association studies. Bitten by the genetics bug, I now handle high-throughput data of many different kinds as part of the BSG core. Previously I have worked on QC and analysis of whole-genome and whole-exome data. Currently I mostly work with expression data, both bulk RNA and single-cell RNA, with an emphasis on developing pipelines and informative summaries and plots of large data sets.