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The CHG offers graduate studies through a variety of funded programmes.

Wellcome Doctoral Programme in Genomic Medicine and Statistics

Each year five doctoral studentships are offered in Genomic Medicine and Statistics, funded by Wellcome. This programme provides training in molecular genetics, statistics and bioinformatics to equip researchers with the skills necessary to work in complex trait analysis. The programme provides a unique opportunity for students to be trained by and to work with scientists at the forefront of the developments in molecular medicine and genetic epidemiology that are transforming our understanding of common disease.

NDM Prize Studentships

As a part of the Nuffield Department of Medicine, the Centre offers doctoral studies through the NDM Prize Studentships. These are fully-funded awards and are open to outstanding candidates from any country without restriction. The department can also accept students with external sources of funding such as MRC studentships, the Wellcome Trust/NIH studentships, and the NIH-Oxford Scholars Program. Please also read the full overview of graduate studies in the Department.

Other Graduate Programmes at Oxford

Groups within the Centre offer studentships in particular research areas through other University of Oxford programmes. Funded programs include, but are not limited to:

Please also see the overviews of biomedical graduate studies at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, the Medical Sciences Division and the University of Oxford websites. There is also this guide to scholarships. Many of these opportunities will enable you to pursue graduate research at the Centre.

Undergraduate Internships

Summer research internships are available for undergraduates interested in gaining 8 weeks of research experience. If you are interested, please contact the group head of the lab you are interested in. Funding for these internships can come from the Department, the Wellcome Trust, the Nuffield Foundation or the lab itself.