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Logo for the Connect@CHG Data Forum

We are interleaving Data Forum talks with the CAMS-Oxford Institute Seminar (COI seminar) which will usually run on alternate Tuesdays. Please check the relevant schedules for full details. Data Forum listings are below and COI seminar listings can be found here. Please note the COI seminars start at 09:30, while Data Forum talks start at 10:00.

MICHAELMAS term 2024

we ARE NOW PLANNING an exciting programme of Data Forum talks lined up for 2024-25!

If you would like to present, please contact Helen Lockstone or Gavin Band.

Thanks to all the presenters this term.

Talks take place in CHG Seminar Rooms A&B (in person only!)

followed by the Centre coffee morning in the cafe.

Data Forum talks are aimed at a general audience and an opportunity to promote scientific discussion and interactions at chg - All very welcome to attend!

cHG Data Forum & coffee morning

The connect@CHG Data Forum is a short & informal slice of science that is held just before the CHG Coffee Morning on Tuesday mornings, and aims to promote networking and collaboration within the centre. As the name suggests, the emphasis is on 'dealing with data', but in a broad sense that includes new (and 'old') technologies, analysis methods and recent research with contributions from groups inside and outside the centre.

We aim to make the Data Forum inclusive, entertaining and informative with a variety of topics and we especially promote discussion and networking after the talks... these often follow on into the coffee mornings. Please join us for any/all of the sessions and we look forward to seeing you there!

***Note this term we are going for in-person only***

Please see the listings below for the current Data Forum schedule and details of previous talks.

If you are interested in presenting or chairing a session or have an idea to discuss, please contact the Data Forum organisers Gavin Band ( and Helen Lockstone (

Hilary term 2024

All Data Forum sessions happen at 10:00-10:30 in Rooms A & B - in person!

DateTimeSpeaker and TitleChair
20th Feb 2024


Duncan Robertson

Gene trees and pedigrees: inferring ancestry in the 100,000 Genomes Project

Helen Lockstone
5th March 202410:00-10:30

Amanda Chong

A common NFKB1 variant detected through antibody analysis in UK Biobank predicts risk of infection and allergy

Gavin Band
19th March 202410:00-10:30

Annie Forster

A complex structural variant at a sickle-associated locus in the malaria parasite genome

Helen Lockstone
2nd April 2024
(Easter break)
16th April 202410:00-10:30

Cillian Gartlan

"Using spatial transcriptomics to tease out differences in the lung tissue response to SARS-CoV-2 infection in vaccinated, unvaccinated and re-challenged rhesus macaques"

Gavin Band
30th April 202410:00-10:30

Callum O'Neill

"Defining immunosuppression in the UK Biobank and GWAS of post-vaccination antibody response, using COVID-19 as a model"

Helen Lockstone
14th May 202410:00-10:30Data Forum - TBC
28th May 202410:00-10:30

Femi Oluwole (Taylor group)

"Variant annotation in Parkinsonism in Genomics England through patient-candidate gene prioritisation"

Helen Lockstone
11th June 202410:00-10:30

Alejandra Vergara (NDPH)

"Computational efficiency of local ancestry inference"

Helen Lockstone
25th June 202410:00-10:30

Steph Fowler (IMCM) and Oliver Crook (Dept. of Stats)

"Introduction to dynamic subcellular proteomics and transcriptomics analysis (LOPIT/LoRNA)"

Followed by a hands-on analysis workshop 11:00-13:00 sign-up here.

Gavin Band
9th July 202410:00-10:30

Ricardo Fernandes

"Mapping the reactivity of T-cell receptors"

Gavin Band
16th July 202410:00-10:30

Zhipeng Zhang

"Proof-of-principle low-coverage sequencing in The Gambia"

Helen Lockstone

Previous talks

These talks ran in Michaelmas term 2023

DateTimeSpeaker and Talk Title

10th Oct 2023


Gavin Band

The long-read bakeoff - revisited. Comparing the latest PacBio and Nanopore platforms.

Helen Lockstone

24th Oct 2023


Emma Reeves (Southampton)

Unpicking the identity of polymorphic components of the antigen processing and presentation pathway

Gavin Band

14th Nov 2023


Steve Taylor

Potential applications of large language models in computational biology and data analysis: potentials and pitfalls

Helen Lockstone

28th Nov 2023


Samvida Venkatesh

Genetic determinants of infertility and reproductive hormones

Helen Lockstone

12th Dec 2023


Isar Nassiri

Demultiplexing single-cell RNA-seq using between-individual variation

Avigail Taylor

Previous talks

These talks were run in Hilary/Trinity term 2023.


DateSpeaker(s)Talk TitleLinkChair
Tue 7th Mar 2023 @10:00Jia-Yuan ZhangLakeview: publication-ready genomic data visualisations in python
Gavin Band

Tue 14th Mar 2023 @9:30

Tal Arnon

COI Seminar - see here for details.  Starts at 9:30.

Ricardo A. Fernandes

Tue 21st Mar 2023 @10:00

Ruth Nanjala

Characterizing HLA diversity in global populations

Gavin Band

Tue 28th Mar 2023 @9:30

Paresh Vyas

COI Seminar - see here for details.  Starts at 9:30.

Ricardo A. Fernandes
Tue 4th Apr 2023 @10:00-(Oxfordshire school holidays 3rd-14th April)
Tue 18th Apr 2023 @9:30Audrey Gérard
COI Seminar - see here for details.  Starts at 9:30.Ricardo A. Fernandes

Tue 2nd May 2023 @10:00

Lino Fonseca Ferreira

Finding genetic interactions in the UK Biobank

Gavin Band

Tue 9th May 2023 @9:30

Malcolm Sim

Peptide-specific Natural Killer Cell Receptors

COI Seminar - see here for details.  Starts at 9:30.

Ricardo A. Fernandes
Tue 16th May 2023 @10:00

Charlotte Rich-Griffin

Panpipes: Python pipelines for multi-omic single-cell data analysis

Helen Lockstone
Tue 23rd May 2023 @9:30


COI Seminar - see here for details.  Starts at 9:30.

Ricardo A. Fernandes
Tue 30th May 2023 @10:00

Samvida Venkatesh

Leveraging primary care electronic health records for genetic research Band
Tue 6th June 2023 @9:30-COI Seminar - see here for details.  Starts at 9:30.Ricardo A. Fernandes
Tue 13th June 2023 @10:00Frederik LassenEvidence of gene knockout effects across common phenotypes in the UK BiobankHelen Lockstone
Tue 20th June 2023 @9:30-COI Seminar - see here for details.  Starts at 9:30.Ricardo A. Fernandes
Tue 27th June 2023 @10:00Srinivasa RaoTumour evolution in prostate cancer: combining genomics with histology
Gavin Band
Tue 4th July @9:30-COI Seminar - see here for details.  Starts at 9:30.Ricardo A. Fernandes
Tue 11th July @10:00Steve Taylor

Multi Dimensional Viewer (MDV): a web based application for analyzing, annotating and sharing multi-dimensional data from different modalities.

Helen Lockstone
Tue 18th July @9:30-COI Seminar - see here for details.  Starts at 9:30.Ricardo A. Fernandes

Previous talks

These talks were run in Michaelmas 2022

DateSpeaker(s)Talk Title

Tue 11th Oct 2022

Sue Wilson

Helen Lockstone & Delia O'Rourke

John Todd

Centre News

Refurbishment update

Training programmes at WHG: DPhil in Genomic Medicine and Statistics and the new MSc in Genomic Medicine

Launch of GSK-Oxford collaboration, the Institute for Molecular and Computational Medicine (IMCM)

Gavin Band
Tue 18th Oct 2022Nik Baya
Simple phenotype transformations and the genetic architecture of biomarkers
Gavin Band
Tue 25th Oct 2022

No data forum this week

WHG Coffee Morning @ 10.30

Tue 1st Nov 2022Paolo Piazza & Hanyu QinAll about Olink - a platform for high throughput proteomics

Gavin Band
Tue 8th Nov 2022Jocelyn QuistrebertGWAS of liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitis C-infected patientsGavin Band
Tue 15th Nov 2022James Docker
Comparing Illumina and PacBio microbial whole-genome sequencing

Helen Lockstone
Tue 22nd Nov 2022Tao Dong
All about the CAMS Oxford InstituteGavin Band

Tue 29th Nov 2022

Guillaume Butler-Laporte

Biobank-scale sequence data and HLA allele inference

Gavin Band

Tue 6th Dec 2022

WHG Together Day @ Maths Institute

(no data forum)