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Angeline Lee


Academic clinical fellow

  • NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in Anaesthesia
  • Specialist Registrar in Anaesthesia, Thames Valley

I am an anaesthetic registrar and academic clinical fellow working in Oxford and the surrounding areas, with clinical interests in perioperative medicine and pain. Major surgery and major illness can cause significant physiological stress, yet we know very little about what happens to our patients once they are discharged from hospital.

As an anaesthetist who cares for many patients undergoing major surgery or experiencing major illness, I would like to advance research into the recovery period and fill in the gaps in our understanding of what patients experience and what is happening at a cellular level.

My ACF research project is about studying the relative protein abundance in patients who have recovered from sepsis and comparing this to healthy volunteers, paired acute samples and patients with different recovery trajectories. I am training to handle and analyse large clinical and genomic datasets.

My research work in the coming months includes patient and public involvement (PPI) in genomic research on sepsis, systematic review design, and proteomic analysis. 

I am active in medical education and am leading a project to improve pain training at Oxford University, alongside running an anaesthetic educational website. I am experienced with quality improvement methods and am completing some work in the Royal Berkshire Hospital perioperative medicine unit.

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