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Flow inefficiencies in non-obstructive HCM revealed by left ventricular kinetic energy and hemodynamic force analysis from 4D flow CMR

Journal article

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Improving estimates of loss-of-function constraint for short genes

Journal article

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Active shape control by plants in dynamic environments

Journal article

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Structure of the Nipah virus polymerase complex


Grimes J. et al, (2024)

Relation Between the Dantu Blood Group Variant and Bacteremia in Kenyan Children: A Population-Based Case-Control Study

Journal article

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Genetic therapies for cardiomyopathy: survey of attitudes of the patient community for the CureHeart project

Journal article

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A data science roadmap for open science organizations engaged in early-stage drug discovery.

Journal article

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A randomised trial of malaria vaccine R21/Matrix-M™ with and without antimalarial drugs in Thai adults.

Journal article

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A Treatment Algorithm for High-Tone Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Journal article

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Drivers of epidemic dynamics in real time from daily digital COVID-19 measurements.

Journal article

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Modulation of prion protein expression through cryptic splice site manipulation

Journal article

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Phenogrouping heart failure with preserved or mildly reduced ejection fraction using electronic health record data.

Journal article

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The impact of exchanging the light and heavy chains on the structures of bovine ultralong antibodies

Journal article

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A large-scale and PCR-referenced vocal audio dataset for COVID-19

Journal article

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