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The Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics is partnering with the British Science Association on a new programme of events with science festivals from across the UK. 

Festivals will be able to apply for funds to run events about your research, with your input. 

How it works: 
You fill in the below form with a few details about you and your research.
Festivals look at the information of all the interested researchers and choose who they might like to work with.
The WHG and the BSA pair up festivals and researchers to put together event ideas.
The festival can then apply for funding for that idea.

Your involvement can just be on the organising side of things, or in the actual delivery of the event too. All events will have to be finished by October of next year. 

This project is only open to members of the WHG (which includes STRUBI).

If you have any questions, please email the Public Engagement Officer

The complete guidance document on taking part can be read here.

The deadline for filling in this form is the 30th of November.

What kind of topic would you like your event to be about? Can be more than one. Max 300 words
Do you have a preference regarding the type of event format (e.g. talk, interactive workshop etc.)?
Are there any particular audiences you'd like your event to reach? eg, young people, rural audiences, etc
It is not a requirement to have experience, but it would be helpful to know if you have previous experience of engaging public audiences with research. If so, please provide details in this section.