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The winner of the third annual "WHG Early Career Researcher Public Engagement Award" was announced at the centre ‘Digital Together Day’ on the 9th of September.

Every year, the entire WHG comes together to hear about each others research in our 'Together Day'. The finale of the whole day is the awarding of the annual WHG PE Awards! 

The Early career Researcher PE Award recognises researchers who show a real commitment to public engagement in their work.

The winner of the 2021 ECR PE Award

Nadia Nasreddin  

Nadia Nasreddin

Nadia is part of the Leedham group, and has show a sustained committmenet to engaging the public in her research. She has taken part in WHG-led activities like stalls at science fairs, as well as working with the charity In2Science to mentor and host lab visits for young people interested in a science career. Young people she has worked with have said “Thank you Nadia for giving me this opportunity to experience a glimpse of a STEM career and I really enjoyed it!! And this has inspired me even more to pursue a career in STEM :)” and “In our mentor session, she made the effort to do research beforehand into our interests and spoke to us individually so there was never an awkward silence, she has asked for our opinions on tasks and goes above and beyond to help us with career advice”