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The winners of the second annual WHG PE Awards were announced at the centre ‘Digital Together Day’ on the 16th of November.

Public Engagement Award banner 2020

There were two categories – a ‘Project’ award to recognise individual projects which aim to inform, consult, or collaborate with a public audience; and an ‘Early Career Researcher’ award to recognise researchers who show a real commitment to public engagement in their work.


Image of glass jars with musical notes in them.

Project Team: Carla Cohen, Camilla Ip, Carme Camps, Francesca Donnellan, Nicola Borthwick

Five scientists from The Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics (WHG) and The Jenner Institute (JI) collaborated with leading Oxford a cappella group The Beatroots to develop and perform an a cappella singing concert about their research for the Oxford Science+Ideas Festival (IF Oxford) in October 2019..

Starting in May, the scientists thought deeply about the aspects of their research they would be most passionate about sharing with an adult audience with no prior knowledge of their field. Each scientist wrote new lyrics about their science for a popular song of their choice, and passed them on to a member of The Beatroots to compose an original a cappella (unaccompanied) arrangement of the song. Following rehearsals with The Beatroots - an exciting and illuminating experience - the performance was held on a crisp autumn evening in the lovely acoustics of Hertford College Chapel.

Watch the full performance of Research In Harmony at the Oxford Science+Ideas Festival 2019.


Image of Magda Marečková

Magda, a DPhil student in the Zondervan group, demonstrated consistent commitment to public engagement through a variety of methods, including school workshopstwitter takeoversblogging, and her award-winning video on endometriosis.


Congratulations to all the winners!