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Eleanor Karp-Tatham

Postdoctoral Researcher

Current research

Postdoctoral researcher working on immune response to vaccination, focusing on the COVID-19 Vaccine Immune Genetics (COVIG project). 


I obtained a BSc in Bioveterinary Science from the University of Lincoln in 2014 and completed my dissertation through a summer scholarship at the Animal Health Trust focusing on polymorphisms relating to adverse reactions to Vincristine treatment (chemotherapy) in Border Collies. I undertook a MRes at the University of Lincoln researching the impacts of canine domestication on an immune tolerance gene, MARCH7, through comparison of wolves, free-ranging dogs and domesticated dog breeds. 
Following on from this, I obtained a PhD from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), graduating in early 2021, focusing on the population genetics, antigenic and genetic diversity of the poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae). This included mapping genetic diversity through a SNP genotyping panel across European populations to aid development of novel control measures and research relating to acaricide resistance. I then took a six-month research assistant role working on parasitology and host genetics within the Parasitology team at the RVC, focusing on host response to Eimeria infection, the parasite causing coccidiosis in farm animals.