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Dr Eoghan Mulholland

Lee Placito Fellow in Gastrointestinal Cancer

  • Junior Research Fellow, Somerville College

Research Overview

Eoghan is a Lee Placito Research Fellow exploring molecular and cellular mechanisms of colorectal cancer (CRC) initiation and progression. Eoghan is part of the ACRCelerate Consortium which focuses to accelerate translational research to pave the way for personalised bowel cancer treatments. His work brings together basic and clinical scientists at the forefront of CRC research to interrogate a suite of state-of-the art pre-clinical models.

Eoghan's research focus is understanding cell-cell interactions between tissue compartments and the genetic drivers behind them. This involves elucidating the crosstalk between the stromal, epithelial and immune compartments, working with Human tissues, organoids and in vivo models. Finally, Eoghan was appointed as a Fulford Junior Research Fellow of Somerville College, University of Oxford in October 2020. 

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