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Laurissa Havins

Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a postdoctoral researcher for the Handunnetthi Group, working on the discovery of novel auto-antigens in patients with psychosis. My main project is based around the use of IPSC derived cortical neurons for the screening of psychosis patient serum to identify, analyse, and confirm, the presence of novel auto-antigens. I am also working on a project based around identifying the function of IL1RAPL1 during the development of neurons, using a cortical neuron derived neurosphere assay. 

My interests are based around the fields of neuroimmune and neurodegenerative disease, and the interplay between neurons and their surrounding networks of cells and scaffold. I am interested in utilising IPSC-derived cell cultures to further understand the mechanisms of disease; for the development of therapeutics; and the potential for personalised medicine.