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Paolo Piazza


Head of Technology Platforms

I have a deep-rooted passion for understanding the intricate mechanisms that underlie gene regulation, ultimately leading to differential gene expression within and among species.

Since 2009, I have been harnessing my expertise in molecular biology and genetics to explore the vast realm of High Throughput Sequencing applications.

In the evolving landscape of genomics technologies, it is ever more crucial for researchers to have access to local support and expertise for a rapid and successful implementation of emerging applications. To provide this essential support, since May 2023, I have been heading a new team (Technology Platforms) focused on single-cell and spatial omics, as well as targeted proteomics solutions. With a vision of collaborative innovation, we are prepared to train, and run experiment for and with researchers. We are also actively seek opportunities to secure funding for equipment and other resources through grants, to reduce costs and expand our capabilities.

The members of Technology Platforms, share a genuine passion for science and technology and possess a broad range of expertise and first-hand experience in all supported technologies.