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Robert Esnouf

Robert Esnouf

Robert Esnouf

WHG Head of Research Computing Core and BDI Director of Research Computing

With a career in computational structural biology that was becoming increasingly technical and administrative, in 2009 I changed role from STRUBI to create a "Research Computing Core" for the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics to coordinate the growth in computational demands for modern, data-driven biology. The Core grew rapidly after 2012, and in 2017 we joined efforts with the newly opened Big Data Institute (BDI) with the vision of providing a unified Biomedical Research Computing (BMRC) platform across both departments as well as to collaborators from around Oxford. BMRC is now the pre-eminent facility in the University for data-driven, high-memory, high-performance computing closing in on 10,000 CPU cores, 120 GPU cards and a total of nearly 20PB data storage.

As always, however, the goal is to provide researchers with a simple-to-use, scalable platform for collaborative research. We welcome all WHG researchers to use our systems whatever their computing background and skill levels.

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