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Sarah Briggs


NIHR Clinical Lecturer

Sarah is an NIHR funded Clinical Lecturer in the CELS group at the Centre for Human Genetics, and a Junior Research Fellow at the Centre for Personalised Medicine and St Anne's College. She is an Honorary Specialty Registrar in Medical Oncology at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Sarah's research focuses on sustainable healthcare. 

Sarah studied Medicine at New College, Oxford, and subsequently worked as an Academic Foundation Doctor at King's College Hospital, London. She returned to Oxford as an Academic Clinical Fellow in Medical Oncology, where she worked with Professor Ian Tomlinson on studies of POLE and POLD1 genes in familial and sporadic cancers. She subsequently completed her MRC-funded DPhil under the supervision of Prof Tomlinson and Prof Sarah Wordsworth, developing polygenic risk scores for bowel cancer and evaluating their potential use in the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme.

During her DPhil Sarah became increasingly concerned by the impact of the climate crisis on health, and of the contribution of healthcare and health research to growing carbon emissions and environmental damage. Her Lectureship research explores a number of issues in this area. She is particularly interested in public and patient understanding and views around the relationship between environment, health, and healthcare, and in efforts to reduce the environmental impact of Oncology and Genomic Medicine and research.