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Dr Thomas A. Agbaedeng

Dr Thomas A. Agbaedeng

Thomas Agbaedeng

BSc (Hons), PhD

Novo Nordisk Research Fellow

(Epi)Genetics of Cardiometabolic Diseases

Summary of Track Record

Dr Thomas A. Agbaedeng is a Novo Nordisk Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. In his position, Dr Agbaedeng is working at the interface of industry (Novo Nordisk company) and academia (Oxford) collaboration to study the role of epigenetics in atherogenesisDr Agbaedeng was formerly a Grant-funded Researcher at The University of Adelaide. Beginning in 2021, he was awarded the FHMS Emerging Leaders Fellowship at The University of Adelaide to study novel biologicals markers in cardiac fibrogenesis.

Dr Agbaedeng has a broad range of research experience and interests, due in part to his quest for an in-depth and aggressive approach to disease development and therapeutics. At the preclinical level, Dr Agbaedeng investigates cardiovascular dysfunction using trans-omics, in vitro and in vivo, and computational approaches. At the clinical level, Dr Agbaedeng is developing pipelines for cardiovascular risk prediction using novel biomarkers.

Thomas Agbaedeng completed his PhD studies at The University of Adelaide (Cardiovascular Research), using a multimodal approach of meta-analysis and pre-clinical experimental models. His PhD work has won a 1st Prize in the Young Investigator Award competition at the European Heart Rhythm Association Congress, Barcelona, among others. Dr Agbaedeng was awarded the Achievement Award for the overall top winner of the CSANZ Travelling Grant to the European Society of Cardiology at the ESC Congress in Paris, August/September 2019. 

Dr Agbaedeng has supervised several honours (as a principal supervisor [one awarded scholarship for 2020-2021]) and PhD students. He has authored and co-authored 18 peer-reviewed publications, 40 conference papers and proceedings, and peer-reviewed >120 manuscripts for high-impact journals (Q1), such as European Heart Journal; American Physiological Journals, among others. He was a Founding Member and Media Liaison of ISHR Australasia Early Career Investigator Committee 2020–2021.

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