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PurposeMeasuring and tracking quality of care is highly relevant in today's health care. The Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) program is a referral for evaluating oncology practices worldwide. Excellence and Quality in Oncology Foundation, a collaboration of oncology experts from major Spanish hospitals involved in cancer treatment, reached an agreement with QOPI to include Spanish hospitals in this program.MethodsWe analyzed the results of the QOPI Core module measures from 19 Spanish hospitals over nine rounds (from fall 2015 to fall 2019).ResultsOf the 19 hospitals, 15 completed more than one round; none participated in all nine (two hospitals participated in eight rounds). The highest scores were for pathology report confirming malignancy, documenting a plan of care for moderate or severe pain and chemotherapy dose, and chemotherapy administered to patients with metastatic solid tumor with performance status undocumented. Measures regarding a summary of chemotherapy treatment, tobacco use cessation counseling, and assessment of patient emotional well-being were among the lowest scored measures. Six of the 15 practices that participated repeatedly achieved a better score in their last round compared with their first. Overall, scores of Spanish hospitals improved from 67.79% in fall 2015 to 68.91% in fall 2019.ConclusionTo our knowledge, this is the first study to evaluate QOPI scores in Spain. There was high variability in scores, with quality of care improving with repeated participation in some hospitals, but worsening in others. Excellence and Quality in Oncology Foundation will support practices to increase their participation to improve oncology care and implement strategies that address the areas for improvement.

Original publication




Journal article


JCO oncology practice

Publication Date





e1162 - e1169


Servicio de Oncología Médica, Hospital General de València, València, Spain; CIBERONC, Madrid, Spain.


Humans, Neoplasms, Medical Oncology, Spain