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Generation of transcriptional data has dramatically increased in the last decade, driving the development of analytical algorithms that enable interrogation of the biology underpinning the profiled samples. However, these resources require users to have expertise in data wrangling and analytics, reducing opportunities for biological discovery by "wet-lab" users with a limited programming skillset. Although commercial solutions exist, costs for software access can be prohibitive for academic research groups. To address these challenges, we have developed an open source and user-friendly data analysis platform for on-the-fly bioinformatic interrogation of transcriptional data derived from human or mouse tissue, called Molecular Subtyping Resource "MousR". This internet-accessible analytical tool,, enables users to easily interrogate their data using an intuitive "point and click" interface, which includes a suite of molecular characterisation options including QC, differential gene expression, gene set enrichment and microenvironmental cell population analyses from RNA-Seq. The MouSR online tool provides a unique freely-available option for users to perform rapid transcriptomic analyses and comprehensive interrogation of the signalling underpinning transcriptional datasets, which alleviates a major bottleneck for biological discovery.

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Disease models & mechanisms

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The Patrick G Johnston Centre for Cancer Research, Queen's University Belfast, UK.