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Ethical preparedness in health research and care: the role of behavioural approaches.

Journal article

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Access to Biobanks: Responsibilities Within a Research Ecosystem.

Journal article

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Environmental sustainability and biobanking: a pilot study of the field

Journal article

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The Environmental Sustainability of Digital Technologies: Stakeholder Practices and Perspectives

Journal article

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Ethical Reasoning During a Pandemic: Results of a Five Country European Study.

Journal article

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Public Trust and Trustworthiness in Biobanking: The Need for More Reflexivity.

Journal article

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Sustainable biobanks: a case study for a green global bioethics.

Journal article

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The environmental sustainability of data-driven health research: A scoping review.

Journal article

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Bringing ethics into governance: the case of the UK COVID-19 contact tracing app

Journal article


Ecologies of Public Trust: The NHS COVID-19 Contact Tracing App.

Journal article

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Investigative genetic genealogy: can collective privacy and solidarity help?

Journal article

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Problematizing consent: searching genetic genealogy databases for law enforcement purposes

Journal article

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Boundaries Between Research Ethics and Ethical Research Use in Artificial Intelligence Health Research.

Journal article

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