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Currently (October 2022) Senior Staff Scientist at the Davenport Lab, Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK.

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Functional genomics and epigenomics of the MHC

wanseon-lee-photo.jpegMy active interest is the characterization of genetic and epigenetic variation in the human major histocompatibility complex (MHC) from high throughput sequencing for transcript quantification (RNA-seq) and chromatin profiling (ChIP-seq).  I particularly aim to resolve ambiguous sequence mapping to the different haplotypes, regions with highly polymorphic and considerable diversity in different populations.  This work is a prerequisite for our further applications to the studies of allele-specific expression, a certain imbalance between the expression of the two parental haplotypes, and epigenetic modifications in different haplotypes etc.

My work also focuses on understanding the interplay between the transcripts/genes and differential enrichment profiles of histones and transcription factors. This will comprise applying advanced methodologies to integrate multiple levels of information with epigenomic features across different cell types and haplotypes.


Keywords: MHC, high throughput sequencing, haplotype-specific mapping and expression, Epigenetics