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MBiochem Final year student

Gene expression in sepsis

mark-photo-2.pngAs part of my MBiochem degree, I am undertaking a research project looking studying the changes in monocyte gene expression in sepsis. Sepsis is abnormal inflammatory response in response to severe infection. Sepsis mortality is currently between 25% and 50%. A Previous eQTL analysis has identified eQTLs related to sepsis. We measuring gene expression of LPS-stimulated human monocytes with RT-qPCR in order to validate those eQTLs. We also using RT-qPCR to measure the inflammatory response of monocytes by quantifying the expression of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines. We aim to use this information to help characterise the pathology of sepsis.

I am currently studying for an undergraduate MBiochem degree at the University of Oxford. I have previously researched the development of the GABA pathway in developing chicken brain in the Dept. of physiology, anatomy and genetics at University of Oxford.