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Marie Curie Fellow

Functional Genomics of the MHC

maxim-freidin-photo.jpegMy central research interest is in the molecular genetic mechanisms of immune-mediated disease and phenomena in humans, with special emphasis on infectious diseases and allergic disorders. I am also interested in radiation genetics and am developing the concept of inherited individual radiosensitivity in humans.

My project in the WTCHG aims to define functionally important variants in the MHC which modulates gene expression and human disease susceptibility. My primary investigative approach uses DNase I hypersensitivity mapping. This technique is based on the comparison of in vivo and in vitro digested DNA, analysed using quantitative real-time PCR and microarray based approaches.

I am also studying the expression profiles of TNF and LTA genes in response to LPS-stimulation in cell lines derived from the HapMap population, and associating the expression signatures with single nucleotide polymorphisms in these cells, with the aim of elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying this response.


Keywords: DNase I hypersensitivity, genetics of tuberculosis, genetics of asthma, individual radiosensitivity


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This work is sponsored by the European Commission's Sixth Framework Program, Marie Curie Actions, International Incoming Fellowship