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Emily Georgiades

DPhil candidate in Genomic Medicine and Statistics

MSci Natural Science, University of Bath


I am currently a student on the Wellcome Trust Genomic Medicine and Statistics DPhil programme. 

During the first year of my DPhil I completed rotation projects in both Professor Doug Higgs’ and Jim Hughes’ labs.  For my first project in the Higgs lab, I implemented a tiled approach to the capture-C method to investigate chromosome conformation and the subsequent regulation of gene expression across selected regions of interest.  For the second rotation in the Hughes group, I moved out of the lab to a purely computational project where I used machine learning methodologies with the aim of developing a model capable of identifying promoter CpG islands.

In 2017 I graduated from the University of Bath with a MSci in Natural Sciences, majoring in Chemistry with Biology, with an industrial placement year in the Human Genetics department at Pfizer.  For the year prior to starting my DPhil I worked as research technician in Professor Anna Gloyn’s lab at the Oxford Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology on functional genomics projects within the remit of type 2 diabetes.