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Joining the GMS programme

The GMS committee considers applications from Oxford PIs to become supervisors on the programme on at least a half-yearly basis. Supervisors must agree our terms of engagement and provide details of their research and proposed rotation projects.

Please first read our requirements of supervisors (detailed below), the main GMS webpages and this background information (requires SSO). To express interest in joining the programme, please send an email to and we will then get back to you asking for a short CV and research profile. Your application will be considered by the committee, and if successful we will ask you to suggest potential rotation projects to be shared with incoming students.

Key supervisor responsibilities

We ask you to accept the following duties in order to become a supervisor for the programme:

  • Mandatory training for DPhil supervision at Oxford (Sciences). This is a short online course and must be completed once every three years. See

  • Training in Equality Diversity and Inclusion related courses listed here. They cover: an overview of EDI; implicit bias; race.

  • Termly supervision reporting through GSR and eVision.

  • Contributions to teaching (either personally or via team members) as appropriate.

  • Propose a rotation project or projects that students can potentially undertake, and supervise students during their rotations.

  • You or team members to meet with incoming students to give a short presentation about your research, and/or longer seminars contributing to training.

  • Willingness to act as mentor to incoming students.

  • Report outputs involving students including destination following DPhil and publications

  • Update us with any changes in your circumstances that may affect your ability to supervise. Please refer to the Graduate School Supervision page for information on this.

See here for more information on how student-supervisor interactions work in practice.