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ADMINistrative team

The Administrative Team sets up and manages the operations of the DIL, provides administrative support to the group and to John Todd in his role as the WHG Director, and coordinates day-to-day running of the lab.

Christina HubbartLaboratory Coordinator

Sarah Butler - Administrative Assistant

Ailsa Fowler - Office Manager and PA to John Todd

sample processing team

The Sample Processing Team (SPT) is responsible for sharing the management of our samples, their collection, storage, usage and distribution (to and from collaborators). We ensure that each sample set complies with ethical approvals and that all samples are kept in such a way to maintain their long-term integrity and compliance with the Human Tissue Act guidelines. A brief outline of our responsibilities includes:
• Receipt and processing of new samples
• Managing access to sample collections
• DNA, serum/plasma, blood-PBMC processing and handling
• Development and optimisation of sample-handling procedures
• Assist with the laboratory genotyping and phenotyping pipeline
• Sample shipment

Linda Wicker - Advisor

Shannah Donhou -Sample Processing Team Coordinator

Heather McMurray - Lab Technician

clinical trials team

The Clinical Trials Team develops and manages the DIL clinical trials, providing support for these by setting up study protocols and procedures, managing trial sites, running trials, and training other study staff.  We work closely with the Sample Processing Team and with clinicians involved in the trials.

Claire Scudder - Senior Trial Manager

Sylwia Kopijasz -Trial Manager

Sarune Kacinskaite - Clinical Trials Administrator

Data team

The Data Team is responsible for all aspects of data management such as curation, standardisation, recovery and sharing. The team also develops and maintains databases, servers and various applications. Professor Linda Wicker is the team advisor and the group works with members of the DIL providing software development, web-based applications and IT expertise - for example, working closely with the Sample Processing Team, providing support for the lab management systems and developing in-house tools to assist their work. They also work with the Analysis Team to create data quality controls and develop applications to aid in the distribution of biological datasets.

Linda Wicker - Advisor

Hong HarperSenior Data Manager

Florent YvonApplication and Database Developer

Analysis team

The Analysis Team analyses data generated within the DIL and by external collaborators. We work closely with postdocs and students performing experiments and with the DIL Data Team. Our work includes providing statistical advice to DIL members, analysing results from experiments performed in DIL and by collaborators, analysing public datasets to inform results generated in DIL, and providing data QC for the DIL Data Team. Most of the analysis we perform is of DNA/RNA array and other sequencing data. 

Daniel Crouch - Senior Statistical Programmer

Dominik Trzupek  - Statistical Programmer

Arcadio Rubio Garcia - DPhil Student

Jia-Yuan Zhang - DPhil Student

The Analysis Team also works with other DIL members on specific projects.


The FACS team facilitates a range of flow cytometry research applications. The team supports the DIL by maintaining the flow cytometers and providing technical support for the multi-parameter cell analysers which include BD LSR Fortessa and BD LSR Fortessa X20. The team also provides cell sorting service for the DIL using the BD FACS Aria Fusion to enrich for population(s) of interest or single cell capture.

Mercede LeeFlow and Cell Sorting Facility Manager