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Perkin Elmer's Volocity 3D image analysis and processing software provides all the tools you need to visualize, analyze and validate 3D fluorescence images from a wide range of confocal microscopy, widefield and high content screening systems. 

The core's Volocity software offers: 

  • Fast and interactive volume exploration in 3D and 4D (over time)
  • Ability to import images and data stacks from all major imaging software and systems
  • Export images and data in standard file formats
  • Object classification, measurement and tracking in all dimensions
  • High quality restoration of confocal and wide field microscope images
  • You can download the Volocity user guide and brochure here
  • We have a licence for Volocity v6.2 (the latest version is v6.3)
  • We have all the optional Volocity modules: Visualization, Quantitation, and Restoration
  • Perkin Elmer's also have a series of on-line Volocity Training Videos 

With Volocity you can visualize samples in 3D so they can be viewed from any direction for a more complete picture. Volocity can greatly improve your image and data quality with powerful restoration (deconvolution) image processing. Volocity can measure shapes, volumes and distances with precision, and it can track the movement of objects in 3D.


Above image: Using Volocity v6.1 to measure 3D nuclear shape and volume

Volocity software is produced by Perkin Elmer, visit them at Our new Dell T5500 Windows 7 64-bit image processing work-station running Volocity and MetaMorph is now located just outside laboratory 00/069, nearby the microscope room 00/070. The Core can provide training for those who wish to use the software. Please speak to a member of the Cellular-Imaging Core for more information or contact us via


Live Glioma cells with an RFP construct - Dr Daniela Moralli [Larin-Monaco Group]