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Quantitative Image Analysis

MetaMorph v7.8 Premiere offers analysis tools to handle everything from simple intensity logging to advanced morphometry analysis, colocalization, and more. There are many menu options offered like Manually Count Objects, Colour Combine, Integrated Morphometry Analysis, Region Measurements and Count Cells. Optional MetaMorph Application Modules are included in the package to perform assay-specific analysis, such as counting nuclei, neutrite outgrowth analysis, tracking motile cells or assessing cell cycle phases, and these run with a simple wizard-like interface.

For deconvolution image sharpening, 3D image reconstruction, volumetric measurement and 3D object tracking, we recommend our Perkin Elmer Volocity 4D (3D + time-lapse) software. We do not have the optional MetaMorph 3D and Deconvolution modules.

MetaMorph and Volocity are powerful alternatives to open source ImageJ, Fiji and Icy, as they have got many advanced features and in particular they offer more feedback on what it was actually measured. However ImageJ variants have many useful modules as well and they are free to use on any PC - so if it does what you need, ImageJ is also a good choice. The Core can offer image analysis and image processing advice on both these programs, and we can use MetaMorph as a reference to verify the results from any ImageJ plug-in you are using. ImageJ can also be downloaded as the distribution package Fiji, which has a more coherent menu structure.


The easy-to-use journal (macro) functions in MetaMorph enables users to semi-automate  processing and image analysis measurements, while custom toolbars and menus provide users quick access to commonly used menu options, taskbars, and journals.


Image Display & Processing

Image display and processing tools are crucial for performing accurate image analysis, and MetaMorph offers a complete toolbox of advanced features in this area, from background subtraction and shading correction, to morphology filters and an interactive 3D Viewer.

Visit Metamorph at the Molecular Devices web site. We have one licence for MetaMorph version 7.7 Premier off-line [the latest version]. You can download the following MetaMorph help guides from our site: MetaMorph Basic Commands, MetaMorph Drop-Ins, and the MetaMorph 3D Module. You can download the MetaMorph 4.5 interactive tutorial here (Warning: it's 42Mb and the MM EXE.rar file must be extracted into a folder to work). We also have MetaMorph's MetaFluor, and the following MetaFluor help guides are available: the MetaFluor Users Guide, and the MetaFluor Analyst. In addition to MetaMorph, we have NIS Elements Basic Research on the Nikon inverted microscope PC, which also has many image analysis and image processing tools.

Please speak to a member of the Cellular Imaging Core for more information.


Above: MetaMorph colour detection and our perception of colour.