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The new Zeiss Elyra TIRF PALM super-resolution microscope is located in room 00/072, Laboratory 1, in the WTCHG building.  


General Specifications

  • Zeiss Observer wide-field inverted TIRF flourescence microscope
  • X-Cite 120Q fluorescence excitation illuminator
  • Triple dichroic filter for FITC, TRITC and Cy5 far red
  • NewPort Vision IsoStation anti-vibration isolation table for Elyra system
  • PALM super-resolution illumination module
  • Piezzo fast Z stage with 100μm range
  • Motorised XY stage
  • Black box XL stage incubator for super-resolution with temperature control
  • Plan Apochromat 10x NA 0.3 air objective
  • Plan Apochromat 20x objective NA 0.8 air objective
  • Alpha Plan Apochromat 100x NA 1.46 oil objective
  • 2 X Andor iXon DU 897 EM-CCD camera (512x512 pixels)
  • DAPI 405nm line 50mW diode laser
  • GFP 488nm line 100mW laser
  • DsRed 561nm line 100mW laser
  • Imaging PC workstation for Elyra systems S.1, P.1 and PS.1
  • 30" LCD TFT PC monitor
  • Zeiss ZEN Black image aquisition software with super-resolution module
  • Two hardware USB2 licence keys for Zen Black imaging software

Download the Elyra's Zeiss Quick Start Guide and the Core's Abridged Instructions for getting started here. Further help is available in pdf form on the Elyra PC's C System drive including the full system manual, plus there is additional in-program help within Zen Blue. 

Access to the Zeiss Elyra confocal system is through members of the Cellular Imaging staff, email us all at Please feel free to inquire about what this Zeiss Elyra TIRF super-resolution microscope has to offer.