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  • Zeiss LSM510 Confocal with spectral imaging detectors [Meta-Head] on one channel
  • Blue diode (405nm), Argon (458, 477, 488, 504nm), Helium-Neon (He-Ne) 543nm and He-Ne 633nm lasers
  • 2 PMT channels with standard filter sets, plus the Meta detector for emission fingerprinting and spectral analysis
  • Zeiss Axiovert 200 M inverted microscope suitable for both fixed and live cell work with the XL3 incubator
  • Transmission light detector with DIC and phase contrast enhancement
  • Objectives: 10x air, 20x Ph2 air, 40x Ph3 air, 40x DIC oil and 63x DIC oil objectives, with 10x optical zoom
  • Zeiss LSM510 v4.2 operating software, including the 'Physiology' and 'FRAP' modules
  • Zeiss Motorised scanning XY stage with LMS510 'Multi Time Series' module
  • Offline image analysis and 3D processing using MetaMorph v7.5 and Volocity v4.2
  • The Zeiss is internally calibrated, use Zeiss Image Browser to retrieve the calibration factors: see Zeiss Calibration for more details

The simplified operating manuals for the Zeiss confocal microscope are available for download via the links below. To view the Zeiss 510 image databases on a lab or home PC download and install the 5Mb Zeiss Image Browser (Windows XP, Vista & 7 only). To investigate the excitation and emission spectra of the probes you would like to use, try out the Molecular Probes Spectra Viewer. We can advise on how to interpretate the spectral graphs.

The Zeiss 510 MetaHead brochure discusses all aspects of the hardware and software. There's also the useful Zeiss Confocal LMS-510 poster that is well word a read. Plus there's downloadable pdf's for Auto-Fluorescence information, GFP and Cross-talk [spectral bleed-through], Spectral Separation using the 510 Meta-head, and the related Emission Fingerprinting LSM software.


The Zeiss simplified LMS-510 guide and our in-house Zeiss confocal user guide can be downloaded here. Our in-house guides are regularly updated and printed copies of the latest confocal user guide are in the microscope room by the Zeiss system. In addition there is a 'Setting up Kohler illumination' guide for bright-field [transmission] imaging, and a sheet detailing the objectives fitted to the Zeiss Axiovert microscope. All of our confocal objectives are optimised for 0.17 mm thickness glass coverslips (coverslip size no. 1.5).

Advanced users can download the complete LSM 510 Software Manual here. Be aware that this manual is 'generic' and might mention hardware we don't have, e.g. multi-photon. You must be logged onto the Wellcome network for some of our download links to work, i.e. our in-house guides can only be downloaded by staff from within the WTCHG intranet. .


When applying LUT colours for imaging fluorecence, you can modify the default red/green (e.g. TRITC/FITC) double labelling colours to alternative colour combinations so that the image can be viewed correctly by those who are 'colour blind' - which affects around 1 in 20 of the UK population, mostly males as the Opsin genes are on the X chromosome. For more information about this click here, where the pdf article considers the use of colours in figures (e.g. graphs and photomicrographs).