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Translation of genetics research into clinical practice

Research overview

Oxford Biomedical Research Centre – Genomic Medicine Theme

Jenny Taylor

Associate Professor Jenny Taylor is Co-Theme Leader of the Genomic Medicine Theme of the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC), one of several such centres in the UK funded by the National Institute of Health Research with the overarching aim of translating advances in biomedical research into NHS practice.

The aims of the Genomic Medicine Theme are to:

  • apply next-generation sequencing technologies (NGS) to the discovery of novel disease genes
  • evaluate and develop these technologies for rapid translation into the clinic, resulting in new NHS-based genetics services
  • provide genetics and genomics infrastructure (platforms and expertise) to support other translational research projects

Our research is truly multi-disciplinary, integrating researchers and clinicians (particularly those based at the Centre) from a range of medical specialities, with clinical scientists from the diagnostic laboratories, and others, including specialists in health economics, informatics, and ethics.

The activities of the Genomic Medicine Theme are divided into three sub-themes, each with a specific programme of collaborative projects.  Members of the Taylor group are involved across all three sub-themes, either running projects of their own or as collaborators in wider programmes.

Clinical applications of sequencing

Mechanisms to biomarkers

Technology translation

Our team

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